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Interview – David Cage

Interview – David Cage

What makes a video game truly monumental? What sort of criteria does it need to meet to be one of those that sticks out in your mind long after you’ve finished it? There’s a lot of ways in which to describe the impact that a game has made on someone. Games that touch you emotionally; that make you feel like you’ve been a part of something greater than yourself. Games that inspire you, that draw you in and let you become someone else for a while, free of the regular inhibitions of your daily life, and let you become a hero, even if just for a day. Games that let you feel the weight of your decisions and actions, that make you a central part of the story. Games like those made by Quantic Dream.

If you consider yourself a serious gamer at all, you’ve probably played at least one of Quantic Dream’s knockout RPGs. Unlike any of their kind, Quantic Dream games offer so many of us a chance to be part of huge, intricate, and highly emotional stories, with their outcomes and consequences, as well as their many possible endings, chosen by none other than you, the player. Quantic Dream’s Founder David Cage spent some valuable time with us this Gamers’ Day, to talk about his past games as well as the upcoming and highly anticipated new game from Quantic Dream, Detroit: Beyond Human.

GCON: David, thank you so much for your time. So first off; is this your first time in Saudi Arabia, and did you enjoy the experience?

David: It’s my second time in the Middle East, but my first time in Saudi Arabia. I arrived this morning, so I had some time to visit the museum and see a little of the city. I had some camel for lunch today, so that was an experience! But I’m really enjoying it so far.

GCON: We’re glad to hear that, and we’re so happy to have you here.

David: It’s my pleasure to be here.

GCON: Moving on to more game-related questions, as you know, Quantic Dream is known in the gaming world as a revolutionary studio, making games that are totally unique. How have fan responses to the games you’ve created make you feel?

David: Honestly, it’s fantastic. It’s amazing to come to events like this and be able to meet the fans, and hear about their experiences. It’s always great because they tell me about their own stories, their experiences and what happened to them in the game, and each time it’s different. What I also love is to hear their personal stories, because for whatever reason, the games we make resonate with them on a personal level, and I have heard very moving stories about how playing the games has impacted people personally. The very reason why I make these games is so that I can meet the fans and hear their stories.

GCON: What can you tell us about the upcoming game Detroit: Become Human?

David: Well, Detroit takes place in the near future, about twenty years from now, and in this world there are androids that look, move, and speak exactly like humans, but are actually treated like slaves, or like objects. We are going to play three androids in this title, unlike the previous games where the main characters were human, and get the opportunity to be in their shoes and see things from their point of view. What it’s like to be a slave, and how they are going to react to that.

A demo version of Detroit: Become Human was unveiled at Gamers’ Day this year, and if the fan reactions to it so far are any indication, this game is going to be just as amazing as its predecessors. So the only question left is: are you ready to see the world through the eyes of the androids?

Interview edited for conciseness and clarity. Detroit: Become Human is slated for release in 2018.

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